Studying primary pair-rule gene eve in the early development of Drosophila by using Zelda as approach.


  • Muen Liu Author



This paper mainly studies the primary pair-rule gene Even-skipped to reveal its position in the early transcription network established in the Drosophila embryo and gain a deeper view of the network. We used the genome activator Zelda as an approach. We found Zelda’s role in regulating Eve by committing CHIP- seq towards RNA polymerase and Zelda protein in wt and Zld- embryo. With the PWM matrix, we know transcription factors that might bind to eve. By further researching its TFs, we find the relationship between timing and pattern of expression of these genes involved in the early transcriptional network, while Zld is still our approach. Also, by looking into the specific gene, we find the possible timing mechanism on Eve based on the accumulation of earlier transcribed transcription factors. The role of maternally loaded transcription factors in early development is once again shown by affecting the timing and patterning of primary patterning transcription factors.