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Presented in a collaborative partnership between Dean&Francis Press and esteemed universities spanning the American and European continents, the Global Summit on Advancements in Science and Technology 2023 (AST) stands as the preeminent platform to delve into novel challenges, showcase forefront pioneering solutions, and discern the trajectories of emerging technologies. This distinguished conference serves as an intellectual hub for scholars, researchers, industry pioneers, and visionaries, fostering dynamic dialogues and catalyzing multi-faceted perspectives at the forefront of scientific and technological advancement. AST serves as an epicenter for the exchange of groundbreaking research, visionary insights, and trailblazing advancements, propelling the collective knowledge and application of innovative strategies within the ever-evolving landscape of science and technology.


Dean&Francis Press(U.S.)
University of Georgia (U.S.)
University College London (U.K.)
University of Toronto (Canada)

Conference Committee:

Chairperson: Richard F. Finegold, Dean & Francis Press Chief Editor.
Program Chair: Dr. Ji Chen, a University of Colorado Denver professor.
Sponsorship Chair: Mr. Dean Greenfield, an experienced fundraiser.

Call for Papers:

DF Submission Email:acceptance@deanfrancispress.com


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2. Google Scholar/Doaj/ CPCI/Inspec/Proquest,etc. for students’ research articles
3. EI and SCOPUS for teachers and researchers’ articles
4. SCI/SSCI for Professors’ articles

Date of Conference:

Dec. 15, 2023

Location of Conference:

U.S. , U.K. , Australia, France, Germany

Submission Deadline:

Jan. 28, 2024


Mononen Tuija, Ph.D Heriot-Watt University
I am Mononen Tuija, a dedicated researcher in the realm of Software Engineering. With a Ph.D. earned from Heriot-Watt University, my academic journey has been shaped by a deep passion for technology and a commitment to advancing the field of software engineering. My time at Heriot-Watt University was a transformative period where I delved into the intricacies of software design, development, and implementation. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of cutting-edge technologies and innovative methodologies, I have embarked on a journey of continuous research and exploration in the ever-evolving landscape of software engineering. My current research endeavors are centered around solving complex problems in software development. I am particularly fascinated by the intersection of software engineering with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cybersecurity. Through my work, I aim to contribute valuable insights that not only enhance the efficiency of software systems but also address critical challenges faced by the tech industry today. As a passionate advocate for technology education, I am deeply committed to empowering the next generation of software engineers. I believe in fostering a collaborative and inclusive learning environment where creativity and technical expertise flourish. Through mentoring, teaching, and hands-on projects, I strive to inspire aspiring software engineers to push the boundaries of what is possible in the digital realm.
Harris Leila M, Professor; Georgetown University
I am Harris Leila M., a dedicated Computer Engineering Professor committed to shaping the future of technology through education and research. I am honored to hold a degree from Georgetown University, where my passion for computer engineering was ignited and nurtured, setting the foundation for my journey as an educator and researcher. As a Computer Engineering Professor, my mission is to inspire and guide the next generation of engineers and innovators. With a solid background in both theoretical knowledge and practical applications, I am deeply invested in cultivating a stimulating learning environment where students can explore the complexities of computer systems, hardware design, and software development. My goal is to empower students with the skills and expertise needed to tackle real-world engineering challenges and contribute meaningfully to the ever-evolving field of computer engineering. In addition to my role in the classroom, my research interests span a wide range of topics within computer engineering. From cutting-edge advancements in microprocessor design to exploring innovative solutions in embedded systems and robotics, I am passionate about pushing the boundaries of technology. Through collaborative research projects and industry partnerships, I aim to bridge the gap between academia and industry, fostering innovation and driving progress in the field.

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John Green (Georgetown University School of Medicine)
Stephen Thomas (Stanford University)
Ji Chen (Denver University)
Michael Adams (Colorado State University)
William Salmon (University of South Africa)

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