About ALI:

"Presented in collaboration with Dean & Francis Press and esteemed universities across the American and European continents, Global Symposium on Art, Literature, and Interdisciplinary Discourse 2023 (ALI) stands as the paramount platform for the comprehensive exploration of art, culture, and developmental paradigms within the realm of Interdisciplinary Humanities and Communication Studies. This distinguished event serves as a nexus for scholars, researchers, and practitioners to delve into the dynamic intersections of language, culture, and society, fostering enriching dialogues and advancing multidimensional perspectives in the fields of humanities and communication.


Dean&Francis Press(U.S.)
Arizona State University (U.S.)
Laval University(Canada)
LaTrobe University(Australia)

Conference Committee:

Chairperson: Richard F. Finegold, Dean & Francis Press Chief Editor.
Program Chair: Dr. Ji Chen, a University of Colorado Denver professor.
Sponsorship Chair: Mr. Dean Greenfield, an experienced fundraiser.

Call for Papers:

DF Submission Email:acceptance@deanfrancispress.com


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2. Google Scholar/Doaj/ CPCI/Inspec/Proquest,etc. for students’ research articles
3. EI and SCOPUS for teachers and researchers’ articles
4. SCI/SSCI for Professors’ articles

Date of Conference:

Dec. 09, 2023

Location of Conference:

U.S. , U.K. , Australia, France, Germany

Submission Deadline:

Jan. 28, 2024


Groen, Lisanne, Associate professor;
I am Groen Lisanne, an enthusiastic Literature Associate Professor dedicated to the exploration of the written word and its profound impact on society. I am honored to hold a degree from Heriot-Watt University, where my passion for literature was nurtured and transformed into a lifelong commitment to scholarly pursuits. My academic journey has been shaped by a deep love for literature and a desire to unravel the layers of meaning woven into literary works. At Heriot-Watt University, I honed my analytical skills, delving into diverse literary genres, historical contexts, and cultural nuances. This rich academic experience laid the foundation for my career as a Literature Associate Professor, equipping me with the knowledge and expertise to inspire the next generation of literary scholars. As a dedicated researcher, my current focus revolves around interdisciplinary studies within the realm of literature. I am passionate about exploring the intersections between literature and various fields, such as psychology, sociology, and technology. My research endeavors aim to shed light on the evolving nature of storytelling in the digital age, the socio-cultural implications of literary narratives, and the ways in which literature continues to shape our collective consciousness. In my role as an Associate Professor, I am committed to fostering a stimulating learning environment where critical thinking, creativity, and cultural awareness thrive. I believe in the transformative power of literature to challenge perspectives, foster empathy, and ignite social change. Through my research and teaching, I aspire to instill a lifelong love for literature in my students and inspire them to engage with texts in meaningful ways.
Korppoo, Anna, Ph.D, Boston College
I am Anna Korppoo, a passionate scholar dedicated to the dynamic world of applied languages. With a Ph.D. earned from the esteemed halls of Boston College, my academic journey has been marked by a profound fascination for the intricate nuances of language and its practical applications in diverse contexts. My time at Boston College was transformative, providing me with a comprehensive understanding of linguistics, language acquisition, and the socio-cultural aspects of communication. Equipped with a strong foundation, I embarked on a journey of exploration and research, seeking to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world language use. Currently, my research endeavors delve into the multifaceted realm of applied languages. I am deeply engaged in understanding how languages function in various professional, educational, and social settings. My work is driven by a desire to enhance language learning methodologies, promote cross-cultural understanding, and facilitate effective communication in multicultural environments. In addition to my research pursuits, I am enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge and expertise with students and fellow enthusiasts. I believe in the transformative power of language education and its ability to foster connections, break barriers, and enrich lives. As I continue my academic endeavors, I am committed to nurturing a supportive learning environment where language learners can thrive and explore the beauty of linguistic diversity.

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John Green (Georgetown University School of Medicine)
Stephen Thomas (Stanford University)
Ji Chen (Denver University)
Michael Adams (Colorado State University)
William Salmon (University of South Africa)

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